Where is the space walker in this photo of the ISS? 2

I got a link to this photo in an article from AIAA’s DailyLaunch newsletter.  (A must-read resource for every future and current rocket scientist, by the way!)


Can you find the astronaut space walker?  I don’t think I can!  Do you best and give your answer with a comment below!

The article said the photo dramatically illustrates the scale and size of the ISS.  I would agree–I can’t find the astronaut!

No real prize to offer you–except your name on this website for all to see.

b_dbhkku8aaqrzb2 ISS photo


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2 thoughts on “Where is the space walker in this photo of the ISS?

  • Robert

    Have you found him/her yet? Of course it might take a while.

    When I was a child my Grandmother had the great pleasure of watching me and my two brothers from time to time. LOL or OMG

    She was a smart woman she realized that if we kept our attention on something for more than five minutes (and weren’t destructive) it was like winning the lottery for her.

    So she had this Old painting that hung over the couch of a Western Scene, ranch, horses, cowboys, and all. What she would do is take all three of us and sit us on the couch and hang a $1 bill on the picture frame with a piece of tape.

    She would then lay down the challenge, “Somewhere in this picture the artist painted his pet mouse, the one who finds it first gets the $1 and you can spend it all on candy”

    Today it might as well be $100 but still it was genius.

    So to all of you that haven’t found the space walker keep looking you never know what might surprise you, when its staring you right in the face. For you parents, this trick still works and is worth every cent when you want a moment of piece and quiet.

    Make It A Great Day