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new aerospace markets push the envelope of paradox

A subscribers to this blog know, the paperback version of How To Be a Rocket Scientist is in the works.  (And they are thinking about their free bonus gift too.)  The paperback will have additional resources and improvements based on reactions and feedback so far.  Let’s mention three of them here and give more context. […]

Listen to book discussion on The Space Show

The Space Show is an awesome audio program with over 1,000 episodes produced at this point.  On Sunday, December 14th, 2014, yours truly had a few minutes to talk about the book How To Be a Rocket Scientist with host Dr. David Livingston. As I mentioned in Tip #7, The Space Show is a very […]

super fun rocket science in SimpleRockets game 7

Thanks to the folks at jundroo and my daughter’s 5th grade teacher (who mentioned this in her blog) I have a new addictive game to play.  This is real rocket science, and it’s really fun!!  The game is SimpleRockets. It gets 5 out of 5 rocket boosters on the aerospace geek scale. You get to […]

NASA interns make great music video All About That Space

Here is a fantastic emotional rocket boost for your Monday morning!  I found out about this music video made by NASA interns from one of the subscribers to this blog.  It’s already going viral in the aerospace and STEM world, so enjoy the video and pass it along!!

There’s a lot of valuable lessons from this video too…for our current industry leaders and for future rocket scientists.  What’s notable to you about this video?

How about any other items that you believe would help someone enter the aerospace field?  Whether it’s inspiration, education, or information…send your favorites my way and we’ll give them a wider audience.

Make your presentations resonate with an epic structure 3

In yesterday’s post we saw a hilarious demonstration of how NOT to use PowerPoint or give presentations.  Maybe you recognize some of yourself or your own presentations in there? What if you could learn from the masters–not just of PowerPoint presentations, but of the best epic tales and speeches in history? Your audience may not […]

Fun Friday: death by powerpoint 3

As engineers and scientists, we deal with complex and technical subjects.  We also need to communicate effectively with others on these topics.  PowerPoint can be a useful tool, but too often it becomes a weapon with collateral damage against your audience.  Here is a hilarious video from stand-up comedian Don McMillan from 2010 about how […]

Your chance to put Raspberry Pi in space 3

Continuing with aerospace connections and this week’s Hour of Code, UK astronaut Tim Peake and Raspberry Pi have teamed up to create a competition for projects to be used on the International Space Station. There is now a new board called the “Astro Pi” that will be the basis for this competition.  The competition is […]

What can I do without permission?

A LOT!!  This is the epiphany I had a few years ago that really set my career (and satisfaction) on fire.  What most people don’t realize, IMHO, is that the answer to this question has changed dramatically in the last few years. Yesterday I was talking with someone about how to transition back into the […]

Hour of Code week is happening now 1

Do you know about the Hour of Code movement?  If not, this post is for you.  If you do, and are a fan of it, what you find in the rest of this post might give you the call to action that helps grow the movement even further. I don’t typically make absolute statements when […]

Is GoPro an aerospace company? 4

GoPro an aerospace company?  Not now.  Maybe someday.  But before then, they will probably be hiring aerospace engineers!  See the article below which talks about their plans to get into consumer UAVs (I avoid the word drones). As I explain in my book with Tip #2, aerospace (or rocket science) has become much different and […]